Exciting times at the EAES24 Congress

🎉 Exciting times at the EAES24 Congress! 🎉
First of all, a huge congratulations to Prof. Nicole Bouvy and the EAES-congress Organization team!

We are especially proud of our colleagues for their outstanding presentations:
👨‍🔬 dr. ir. Wido Heeman shared insightful comparisons on perfusion between LSCI and ICG, shedding new light on advanced imaging techniques.
👨‍⚕️ Tim Hoffman, MD delved into the preclinical quantification of LSCI in bowel perfusion assessment, bringing critical data to the forefront of medical research.

The congress was a resounding success, with fascinating talks from both industry and medical experts.
A special highlight was the live demo of our PerfusiX-Imaging system, which garnered significant attention from key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the surgical field. People could get a hands-on experience with the perfusion visualization system, whilst operating with the newest products from Johnson & Johnson and Olympus Corporation.
Kudos to everyone involved for making this event memorable! 🌟

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