LIMIS Development

We strive to increase patient safety by
improving the standard of care with
technological breakthroughs.

Our vision

At LIMIS Development we aim to increase patient safety by improving the standard of care through technological breakthroughs. We strive for meaningful innovation that improves surgical outcomes with less complications for patients worldwide. We combine specialized medical research on specific medical and surgical needs in the field of perfusion imaging, to create innovative and sustainable new technologies and products for multiple applications.

Our mission

We work in close collaboration with clinicians, hospitals, industry and universities to ultimately help improve the quality of care. With PerfusiX-Imaging we want to assist surgeons by providing them with relevant information: visualizing tissue perfusion. Helping them make better decisions in their day-to-day practices. PerfusiX-Imaging is a platform technology (patents granted) designed for multiple clinical needs and was initially focused on colon surgery towards reduction of anastomotic leakage. More clinical applications and new product developments are ongoing.
LIMIS has a ESG-policy, underpinning that involving Environment, Social en Governance aspects are important to us in our way of working.

Our pathway


Offering courses in laparoscopic colon surgery


Start-up entity, seed funding for PerfusiX-Imaging


First clinical trial on laparoscopic colon perfusion


First funding round for Perfusix-Imaging


(Pre-)clinical studies and prototype testing


Patents on core technologies granted


Product finalization and preparing for certification

Research, innovate and excel

Meet our team of specialists

Core Team

ir. Hessel Bouma

Managing Director and founder

dr. ir. Wido Heeman

Head Surgical Innovation

Tim Hoffman, MD

Clinical Researcher

Medical Specialists

Prof. dr. Jean-Pierre Pierie, MD

GI Surgeon

Prof. dr. Christiaan Boerma, MD

Perfusion Specialist

Christiaan Hoff, MD

GI Surgeon

Sietze Koopal, MD

GI Surgeon


ir. Hessel Bouma

Managing Director and founder

Supervisory Board

Edwin Schulting, MSc

CEO and co-founder of IMDS-Interventional Medical Device Solutions

Diederik Jongema

COO Investment company Bufr and experienced investment manager

LIMIS Development innovates

Precise measurements
for precise actions.

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