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Want to write you bachelor/master thesis at LIMIS?

Are you a motivated Bachelor’s or Master’s student in Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, or other biomedically oriented studies? LIMIS Development BV is offering thesis projects in the field of medical technology and biomedical engineering, specifically focusing on our PerfusiX-Imaging project.


Project Overview: PerfusiX-Imaging

PerfusiX-Imaging is a project that aims to visualize tissue perfusion instantaneously, continuously, dye-free and hassle-free. The goal is to provide surgeons and patients with confidence in optimalization of surgical treatments, ultimately preventing comorbidities. Ongoing research is expanding the application of this technology to areas such as colon and esophageal resections. Your research will be focused on new developments and clinical research.


Company Profile: LIMIS Development BV

LIMIS Development BV is a small and dynamic company with a track record in innovative med-tech projects. We collaborate closely with clinicians, hospitals, industry partners, and universities. Our expertise lies in translating medical needs into concepts and driving business development in the realm of perfusion visualization. Our mission is to pioneer meaningful innovations that enhance surgical outcomes and minimize complications for patients globally. Notably, our product concept generates no disposables or chemical waste after use in the surgical theater, eliminating the need for dyes, plastic containers, or autoclave sterilization.


Thesis Opportunities:

  • Gain hands-on experience in a cutting-edge med-tech project.
  • Contribute to research in perfusion imaging with real-world applications.
  • Work on a project with a direct impact on surgical outcomes and patient well-being.


How to Apply:

Interested students can reach out and express their interest by using the contact form on our website. Please direct your messages to Dr. Ir. Wido Heeman, Head of Surgical Innovation at LIMIS Development.