‘Best Innovative Contribution’ Award at EAES 2022 congress in Krakow

The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) 2022 Congress was held this year in Krakow, Poland. Wido Heeman held a presentation at the “Amazing technologies” session titled “Clinical translation of a novel, dye-free perfusion imaging technique in minimally invasive surgery”. The presentation was well received by all leading experts in the audience. Traditionally, dye-based perfusion imaging methods have been utilized to assess blood flow and tissue viability during surgeries. However, the introduction of a dye can sometimes be associated with adverse reactions and complications in patients. Contrarily to what is currently used, PerfusiX-Imaging is a dye-free perfusion imaging device based on laser speckle contrast imaging. The system can penetrate tissues and detect variations in blood perfusion with exceptional accuracy. This non-invasive approach enables real-time visualization of blood flow within tissues, helping surgeons make critical decisions during procedures. The presentation showcased several successful case studies where PerfusiX-Imaging used.

One of the items well received by the audience was the clear comparison for real-time perfusion imaging between ICG-Fluorescence imaging and PerfusiX-Imaging laser speckle contrast imaging. During the congress we received very positive feedback and interest from surgeons all over Europe regarding the PerfusiX-Imaging concept and the robustness of the technology.

Finally, Wido Heeman received the “Best innovative contribution” award for the innovative concept and his outstanding talk during the Amazing Technologies session. We are proud of such a stimulating endorsement and would like to thank the EAES for a well-organized congress.