LIMIS is spreading its wings with buttonhole surgery training

During the recently held, national surgeon days LIMIS Institute for Healthcare Innovations & Training, located in Leeuwarden, signed a cooperation agreement with dr. Jeroen Leijtens of the Laurentius hospital in Roermond and dr. Gerrit Slooter of the Maxima Hospital in Veldhoven. This means that from now on both hospitals under LIMIS licence are going to train their colleague surgeons in respectively Germany, Belgium and the Southern Netherlands in complex, laparoscopic surgical procedures. Buttonhole surgery The MCL has been a pioneer of laparoscopic surgery, also called ‘buttonhole surgery’, since 2000. The institute offers individual trainings for surgeons and almost-surgeons under the auspices of Professor Dr. J.P. Pierie, Chief Medical Training at LIMIS. Experienced laparoscopic surgeons from the MCL surgical team give the trainings in 24 master classes. The Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands (NVvH) recognises the LIMIS side-by-side trainings and accredits them with 24 points.