Lapvas-Imaging project is a news item in the province of Friesland

The Lapvas (Laparoscopic Vascular Device) project involves the research and development of a medical device for surgeons, intended to reduce anastomotic leakage after bowel tumor operations. This highly innovative product enables the surgeon to see the blood flow of the intestinal wall. With this product, LIMIS Development BV provides the product with the surgeons’ request to “apply a diagnostic method during laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery), to determine the tissue quality of the at intestinal suture to prevent anastomotic leakage”. The product will thus contribute to reducing the number of anastomotic leakages (increasing patient safety and a considerable cost reduction). The illustration illustrates the visualization with this technique in a finger.Flow image of the finger with a normal blood flow (red = high flow, blue = no flow)In addition to LIMIS-development BV, the MCL and NHL are involved in the research and development. The MCL mostly supports the clinical study with its surgeons, intensive care staff, OR and medical technical staff. The NHL-stenden is involved with the computer vision group.In the next phase, an SME-company will also be involved in the further development and production of the endproduct. The ambition is worldwide export of these life-saving and cost-saving products.

For more information, please contact Hessel Bouma ( or visit the website.

Source: Newsletter Zorgeconomie Provincie Fryslân, december 2016