New PerfusiX-Imaging paper about the largest clinical trial involving laser speckle contrast imaging to date!

Colon cancer remains a significant health concern worldwide, and while advancements in surgical techniques have improved patient outcomes, anastomotic leakage remains a dreaded complication. The solution to this challenge might just be within reach with perfusion imaging using the PerfusiX-Imaging system. PerfusiX-Imaging enables real-time assessment of anastomotic perfusion, a critical factor in successful healing and recovery. By providing surgeons with a measure of intestinal perfusion during surgery, it allows them to make more informed decisions, potentially reducing anastomotic leakage.

The study about the largest clinical trial involving laser speckle contrast imaging was conducted, conducted in The Netherlands, 67 patients underwent elective colon surgeries using the PerfusiX-Imaging system. These were the notable results:

  • Surgeons indicated a change in the location of the anastomosis in 17% of cases.
  • Non-operating surgeons agreed in 80% of cases.
  • No adverse events were associated with the system.
  • The average added operating time was a mere 2.5 minutes

These findings underscore the potential of PerfusiX-Imaging to enhance surgical decision-making and reduce complications. While further clinical trials are needed to establish its effectiveness in reducing anastomotic leakage, the results are highly promising. The ability to measure perfusion non-invasively during surgery opens the door to countless clinical applications, which may revolutionize the field of medicine. We want to thank all the enrolled patients and support staff. Congratulations to all authors. The paper is published open acces and can be found HERE.