Olympus cooperates with MCL and LIMIS

Olympus Medical Systems Europe (Olympus) in Hamburg will work closely with Medical Centre Leeuwarden (MCL) and Leeuwarden Institute for Healthcare Innovations & Training (LIMIS) with the aim of developing innovations for the operating room of the future. For this project LIMIS will furnish a special high-tech and futuristic laboratory/operating room within MCL. New techniques and equipment can be experimented and tested in this lab-operating room. Olympus provides MCL and LIMIS advice on developments in this field and is supplier of equipment and materials.

A special element about this collaboration is that Olympus sees great importance to the minimal invasive surgical expertise within MCL and the innovative LIMIS-Institute. Recently Olympus, MCL and LIMIS signed a cooperation agreement. Also other partners with expertise of the operating room, such as universities, will be involved in this development.

The development of the laboratory/operating room will start on short notice and the experimentation and testing will start early next year.