Research-Presentation at EAES 2023 in Rome

The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) 2023 Congress in Rome was the stage for LIMIS researcher and PhD candidate Tim Hoffman, MD, to present new data on the use of PerfusiX-Imaging in esophageal resections. The presentation, called – Identification of Gastric Conduit perfusion deficits with motion-stabilized laparoscopic Laser Speckle Imaging using the PerfusiX-imaging system – was part of the “Useful techniques for your future OR” session. During the presentation, Tim Hoffman showcased our new study results from implementing the PerfusiX-imaging system, which utilizes laser speckle contrast imaging technology to visualize real-time blood perfusion in the gastric conduit, during esophageal resections. The gastric conduit is a vital component in procedures like esophagectomy, where a portion of the stomach is used to reconstruct the esophagus. Traditional methods for assessing gastric conduit perfusion relied on subjective visual inspection with the surgical eye, which can be challenging and often imprecise. The PerfusiX-imaging system provides surgeons with an objective assessment of blood flow within the tissue, enabling early detection of perfusion deficits that might lead to postoperative complications such as anastomotic leakage. The presentation featured several cases where the PerfusiX-imaging system was employed during esophagectomy procedures. Surgeons were able to identify perfusion deficits in the gastric conduit and these results were compared to the surgical eye as well as indocyanine green fluorescence imaging. Also great thanks to dr. Al-Taher for talking about his experiences with PerfusiX-Imaging in pre-clinical setting in multiple talks!