Successful pre-clinical testlab with global key opinion leaders for PerfusiX-Imaging

On May 30th 2023 a distinguished group of renowned surgeons, including Prof. Luigi Boni, Prof. Manish Chand, Prof. Adrian Park, Prof. Laurents Stassen, Dr. Kevin Wevers, Dr. Mahdi Al-Taher, and Dr. Tim Lubbers, united at the laboratory of Prof. Nicole Bouvy, alongside the innovative teams at LIMIS and ZiuZ. Their shared goal was to demonstrate and test the use of the PerfusiX-Imaging laser speckle contrast imaging device, that could revolutionize perfusion imaging in the surgical field.

The demonstration marked a significant milestone, as it showcased the laser speckle imaging assessment of blood perfusion, representing an advancement for surgical technology. The esteemed group of thought leaders used the dye-free blood perfusion assessment offered by PerfusiX-Imaging, providing invaluable support for making critical decisions regarding the optimal location of anastomosis in gastrointestinal surgery.

LIMIS and ZiuZ expressed their immense appreciation in collaborating with such respected professionals, whose contributions are leading the way in advancing optical imaging technologies. Exciting developments lie ahead, and the PerfusiX-Imaging team is eagerly working towards even more groundbreaking breakthroughs. Stay tuned for what’s to come!